5 Methods To View Private Facebook Profile

5 Methods To View Private Facebook Profile

Best 5 Ways to View private Facebook Profiles

Best 5 Ways to View private Facebook Profiles
Best 5 Ways to View private Facebook Profiles

Facebook lets you connect and view profiles for any number of individuals. A private account conceals their profile information , so only their friends can view the information. This privacy feature can be very beneficial to keep your profile information secret from other users, even if they’re not on your friend list. But it is an issue for parents to keep track of their child’s activities. It is also more difficult to determine what children are posting on Facebook and the people they’re connected to on Facebook in the event that they’ve blocked all their family members. We’ll now demonstrate how to see your private Facebook profile.

Part 1. How to Access a Private Profile on Facebook without becoming Friends.

Part 2. Part 2.

Part 3. Another Way to View Private Facebook with a Username

Part 1. How to access a private Facebook profile , without being friends

Part 1. How to access a private Facebook profile , without being friends
Part 1. How to access a private Facebook profile , without being friends

As a concerned parent, you’ll find yourself irritated by your child’s Facebook activities and especially when their profile is secret. This is why parents require an Facebook hidden profile viewer that will help you bypass the restriction on private profiles and view the activity of their profile without issue. If you’re in search of an application like this and you are not sure where to find it, then FreeMobileTracker monitoring tool will help you.

FreeMobileTracker is a child monitoring tool used by parents to monitor their children’s actions on Facebook. There are a variety of features available that are included in FreeMobileTracker in tracking the activities of a target cellphone. Some of them that can assist you in viewing the private profile of a person are Facebook under social apps. Even though this feature is just accessible to Android however, it can be extremely beneficial in accessing private Facebook profiles. Install the FreeMobileTracker application on the target device and then use the FreeMobileTracker Facebook private profile viewer online to see the target’s Facebook actions.

Download FreeMobileTracker at: FreeMobileTracker.

FreeMobileTracker’s Key Features FreeMobileTracker:

You can remotely monitor the device’s activities.

It is possible to look up the call logs as well texts sent to the target.

You may also look up the history of the browser of the targeted.

Other social applications including Instagram as well as WhatsApp can also be tracked.

Part 2. Three Common Ways to Look Up private Facebook Profiles and Photos

FreeMobileTracker is not the only method for viewing the private Facebook profile. There are a variety of other ways. These are the best methods to look into someone’s private Facebook profile.

Method 1: Using Social Engineering

Social Engineering uses the psychological vulnerability of human beings to gain temporary access to someone’s Facebook profile. Social Engineering allows you temporary access to private accounts. However, they can’t be viewed by others except the person’s closest acquaintances. To view their private information like DOB and their friends, send them a text message. If they reply to you, you’ll be able to later access some of their information.

Method 2: Utilizing PictureMate

PictureMate is an extension free for Google Chrome that you can use to view someone Facebook without the need to add them as a friend. This is a great tool, especially if you require access to private Facebook photos of profiles privately. This is especially helpful when you wish to view the pictures in which your individual you want to target has been added. To learn how to use PictureMate to look up someone’s private profile, follow the steps.

1. Visit the official website of PictureMate at and install the Google Chrome Extension on your Google Chrome browser.

2. Restart the browser , then visit Facebook.

3. Search for the pictures of the person in question and PictureMate will display all of the pictures of the person in the photo is tagged in.

Method 3: Add the Target’s Friends into Your Friends List

Some people limit their account to only friends. To conceal private information, some individuals use the Friends of friends option. Thus, all friends of the person who is targeted can view the profile information of the person being targeted. You will need to add your friend’s Facebook profile to your friendlist in order to access their private profile. In addition you’ll be able to connect with acquaintances, and the person you want to invite may be willing to accept your request for friendship. You might have to conceal your identity in order to stop them from finding out about you.

Part 3. Another Way to View Private Facebook by Username

There is still one more option to see a private Facebook profile without having to install anything or signing to any site and that’s by using an online tool called Private Profile Viewer. It is free to use online and can assist users view private Facebook profiles by using the target’s Facebook username or ID.

Step 1. Go to and then click on Tool at the navigation bar. Then, you can find the person by their username, ID, or the URL of their Facebook profile.

Step 2. Step 2.

Although Private Profile Viewer is extremely easy to use but it’s not recommended. There are a lot of concerns about its claim that it can view private profiles as well as security. Although the tool online is free, it may have limitations when it can protect the profile from hacking. Furthermore, it’s not working anytime as it fails to find certain Facebook profiles. Instead, you could utilize the FreeMobileTracker tool to obtain access to a private view of a person’s profile.


A profile can be made private to ensure that no one else can view your activities. Parents who want to watch their children’s activities in privacy and not become their friends will encounter this feature as a problem. They can make use of these suggestions to see their private Facebook profile.


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