Five Ways To Freely Online Monitor Text Messages

Five Ways To Freely Online Monitor Text Messages

How to Monitor Text Messages Remotely using 5 Methods

How to Monitor Text Messages Remotely using 5 Methods
How to Monitor Text Messages Remotely using 5 Methods

Text messages are becoming increasingly utilized as evidence in tribunal for all criminal trials as well as civil proceedings like divorce etc.. Whether you want to spy your kid’s cell phone or you have any doubt on your girlfriend/boyfriend’s loyalty then spy on text messages can help you by enlightening your relationships. However, there are some negative effects of spying on texts. Additionally, it could damage your relationship if someone has a loyal relationship with you, but you don’t have trust on them. So, be aware before you spy on anyone. Have the conversation first when you have fears or concerns regarding your relationship. In this article, you will be aware of five ways to monitor text messages online free of cost.

Part 1. How to Monitor Text Messages remotely using FreeMobileTracker

Part 2 Additional 4 methods for monitoring text messages

Part 1. FreeMobileTracker How to Monitor Text Messages Online

Part 1. FreeMobileTracker How to Monitor Text Messages Online
Part 1. FreeMobileTracker How to Monitor Text Messages Online

FreeMobileTracker is an incredible app that allows you to observe text messages sent by anyone. The FreeMobileTracker App is free to download. You can spy on any child, spouse or individual by downloading the application. This app can be used to fulfill a variety of purposes since it comes with more options than other monitoring applications. It is able to be used to hack the text messages of a target, check their locations, and attaching files to any targeted cell phone. A FreeMobileTracker App is mostly used as a phone spying formula.

Why Use This Tool to Remotely Spy on Text Messages:

The person who is targeted may not even know that his or her mobile phone is being tracked or hacked by someone else.

It will give you complete access to spy messages in text, phone call information, and the duration of call etc of the target user’s cell phone.

This application lets you examine the history of the browser of your person of interest.

You can see all the installed apps on target user’s mobile.

The app is extremely user-friendly, and it can be used to monitor your children’s girlfriend/boyfriend’s or spouse’s phones, as well as employees their mobile phones.

Four steps to Online Spy in Android or iPhone Text Messages

Step 1. Create an account on FreeMobileTracker

Visit FreeMobileTracker Text Message Spy App Free and create an account on FreeMobileTracker. The account is used to read messages from your device. Input the details such as name and date of birth of the person you wish to track and then click the in iOS button.

Step 2. Installing the app for Android or iPhone

Text messages that are spies on iPhone Verify your iCloud login details which will be utilized for the targeted device. And you must be ensuring that your iCLoud backup is active to track the daily activity of the targeted user.

Online spy messages on Android Install FreeMobileTracker on your targeted Android phone. Next, login with the login details you used to sign in. Launch the application and then click “Grant” and “Allow” options to confirm your request. To stop the owner from knowing about the hacking activities You can click the “Start Monitoring” button. After you’ve completed the steps, you will be able to begin watching or hacking into the device of the intended user.

Step 3. Start Spying on Text Messages

Once you’ve completed the setup you’ll have to click the “Messages option in the FreeMobileTracker dashboard to review or monitor text messages from the person you wish to track. It will reveal the name as well as the number of the sender along with the date of receipt of the message. This is the method to steal text messages from the phone of another person remotely.

Part 2. Other 4 ways to spy in Text Messages secretly

I. Use the phone of a person while he/she is at work, driving, sleeping or some other task. You can also look up the text messages or call history, internet history, as and social media messages. This is the easiest method to monitor people’s texts. If you are able to check the phone of the target it is important to be aware that deleted messages and calls may prove right. To ensure that your phone is secure, you should take a picture and then erase it.

ii. Since we all know that almost all users use passwords to protect their images, videos and other important documents on their mobile phones. If your friend, brother or sibling isn’t aware of your password, it can lead to problems in relationships. It’s possible to ask your partner for their password if are unsure of his or her. You can inquire about the password by giving some reason , such as if you need to make a call or utilize his/her mobile phone in an emergency , when the battery of your phone is dead or you are not connected to a connection, you may use the cell phone of your partner. If your partner has nothing to hide then they may be able of providing the password for your cell phone. If it’s not possible, you may look for other ways to spy on text messages that are sent by your partner. You can look up your partner’s texts and web history, then take screenshots of it and remove it from the phone. It’s better to capture a screenshot and then send it to your phone. There is no way to trace it once you delete the screen shots you took.

iii. You can request your friend’s buddy to loan you their phone of your partner to verify the details of calls or messages. It’s risky sharing personal information with your friend. It could be a risk to your friendships by bringing them as part of your surveillance operation. Therefore, you should inform your friend of the risk that you are aware of if you have a friend who checks the phone of your partner for you.

iv. It is possible to monitor text messages of any individual from afar using mobile spy apps that are available on the internet. There are many spy apps. You can track texts and phone calls of the person you are targeting, as well as the GPS coordinates of the location.


There are a few easy ways to observe text messages online or offline. After you’ve done this, you can observe or monitor his/her day and the individual you’re spying on isn’t aware that you’ve done this.


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