How Do I Hack My iPhone Through Text

How Do I Hack My iPhone Through Text

Can Someone Hack My iPhone Through Text

Can Someone Hack My iPhone Through Text
Can Someone Hack My iPhone Through Text

The iPhone is a prominent smartphone in the present mobile market. It is the sole non Android phone that has the ability to rival top Android device makers. Although Apple claims that iPhone and iOS is the most secure platform, hackers can still exploit this vulnerability to access your personal data. Although we all send texts to our loved ones and families however, they are not used for hacking your device. One of the most frequent questions asked online is “Can hackers hack my iPhone by using text messages?” This article will address the possibility of an iPhone being compromised via text, and how you can manage the situation.

Part 1. Is My iPhone being hacked? Through Text

– Part 2. How to tell if your iPhone was hacked via text

Part 3. Tips to Be Watchful for the iPhone Hack using Text Message

Part 4. How to hack into a phone (iPhone X included)


Part 1.

Part 1.
Part 1.

Although Apple has been convincing people to believe that iOS is the safest operating system for mobile devices and isn’t prone to attacks from hackers, hackers have discovered a method to hack iPhone by using text messages. Are there ways to hack my iPhone with texts? In just one text a malicious program called Pegasus by NSO Group can hack iPhones using iOS versions older than 9.3.5.

Pegasus will automatically install itself on the target’s phone without their consent. Pegasus can infect iPhone users through the transmission of all information about the target to hackers. Pegasus was created to exploit three weaknesses that Trident is known for within the iOS environment. When it is installed on a device, the attacker will have access to all details about the target such as bank accounts, email accounts, contacts, messages and others. It could still be present with an iOS version earlier than 9.3.5. Apple has patched the issue with iOS 9.3.5.


Part 2. How to Determine If Your iPhone has been hacked Text


If you now know the answer to your”can someone hack my iPhone through text” question, it’s time to learn the indicators which can tell you about the hack. If you suspect that your iPhone has been compromised, it can give hackers access to your entire personal information. This can be extremely risky when you’re a senior leader in a large business. An iPhone attack could lead to your business secrets being exposed and cause you to experience significant losses in the future. So it is advised to give firm attention to these warning sign that could alert you of a potential cyber attack.

– Unauthorized Jailbreak

Programs that are malicious, such as Pegasus will jailbreak your iPhone before they can start sending the details of the targeted device to hackers. If your iPhone has been jailbroken without your consent, it could mean that someone jailbreaks the device with purposeful reasons. An iPhone jailbroken can allow malicious applications to be installed without your knowledge. This can do more than make fun of your iPhone and expose the private information of your iPhone.

– Receive Text Messages from Strangers

Someone will send you directions via text messages in order to track your actions if your device is compromised using text messages. These messages will contain special characters or blank squares. These characters that are empty could be containing encoded instructions, encrypted by hackers to force the target to send them messages or emails.

Unknown Use

Hackers can remotely influence an iPhone using texts. They can initiate calls as well as send text messages and take photos with just one message. Unusual behavior, such as not recording calls in your phone call history, is an indicator that you are being targeted by someone using your phone.

The battery is draining faster

It is possible you iPhone may have been compromised in the event that your iPhone’s battery runs out faster than usual, even if you aren’t frequently using it. Hacking software that is running in the background and is constantly monitoring the device in question will drain the battery in the same way as other resources.

Performance Degradation

As we’ve previously mentioned, malicious software running in background will consume resources in order to run its program and perform its functions. If your device seems slower than usual and then it could be that something is draining its resources without you knowing about it. Performance may also be affected by background applications or updates.

– Interruptions during calls

If you experience strange noises when you are on a call or if there is an inadvertently dropped calls and disruptions to service, then the hacker may be at fault. The issue could also lie the fault of your service provider however if this is the case, then you might have been hacked.


Part 3. Tips to Watch Out for iPhone Hacks through Text Message


Message filtering

There are numerous apps and services available that allow you to block text messages. The message filtering apps will filter out spam messages which may contain malicious viruses or spyware. Only trustworthy sources will be permitted to send you messages. All others are blockable.

– Don’t Open Strange Messages

Usually, messages which contain harmful code and may harm your device appears as blank areas or characters. It is recommended to delete all text messages that can difficult to read in the notification bar. It is possible that your device could be utilized as a surveillance device in the event that the code is executed.

– System update

To stop anyone from exploiting security holes in iOS, update the OS and firmware on your device. This was extremely helpful in the Pegasus attack, in which iOS 9.3.5-based devices were vulnerable to hacker attacks. The Pegasus exploited the trident vulnerability in iOS that was fixed in iOS 9.3.5. In the same way, if new methods have been developed to compromise an iPhone and it’s better to keep the iOS updated to the latest version to stay protected.

Beware of opening unidentified links

There is a way to hack it is possible to hack your iPhone with the help of text. If you receive the link to an email or text message online or other website, don’t let your curiosity prevent you from exploring the link. You may fall into the trap of a hacker, and expose yourself to risk.


Part 4. Hacking someone’s phone without accessing it


The most frequent query for hacking iPhone remotely is “can someone hack my iPhone using text”. Aside from the malicious purposes that someone may want to hack an iPhone (or Android device), there are other situations in which hacking iPhone is needed. To protect their children, parents can hack their iPhones. Employers must make sure that employees aren’t distracted and kept in check. Couples might have to hack into the phones of their partner to stop them from being taken advantage of. FreeMobileTracker is a tool for spying which tracks the movements of people around them, can be helpful in these situations.

FreeMobileTracker is a monitoring tool that allows parents and employers observe their employees’ as well as their children’s iPhone activities, is called FreeMobileTracker. It’s the best way to hack iPhone information like messages, call logs, calendars, web history notes, and so on..

Why we recommend this tool to hack iPhone and Android:

FreeMobileTracker is not a requirement to jailbreak your iPhone in order to start tracking it.

– You can hack iPhone data remotely , without being able to access the device.

You can check calls logs, text messages Web history, call logs as well as the contact details of the target.

FreeMobileTracker can be used to spy on WhatsApp and Line messages.

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Tips to Hack the security of an Android Phone or iPhone without Knowing

Step 1: Create an account

The first step is to visit the FreeMobileTracker official website via your web browser. You can then create an account with FreeMobileTracker by entering a valid email address.

Enter the target’s age and name to complete the set-up. Choose your mobile device platform.

Step 2: Setup on the Target Device

To check iPhone messages, calls logs in addition to location information, browsing history and other information all you need to do is confirm the iCloudID used on the targeted iPhone.

If you are an Android user, then you do need to download an APK. The steps below only apply to Android users. To determine if Unknown Source is enabled, first go to Settings. If it’s disabled, you can turn it on to download APK files. Download APk from FreeMobileTracker to install the application on your device.

After installing the app on the target device, log-in to the app using the email address that you used when making an account.

After the login The app will then ask for some permissions and you need to grant all the permission such as location. You can hide the icon from the device of your choice by clicking on the button “Start monitoring”. Choose this option if you would like the app to operate in the hidden mode.

Step 3 Step 3: Hack Android and iPhone Data

In the end, you will be able to login to FreeMobileTracker from your own device or computer by using the email id that you used on the targeted device.

You now have full access to the target device and can keep track of various details, like contacts and messages, location apps, and social media.




FreeMobileTracker is a great option for those who would like to track data of others. There are many other ways to monitor data on your device, in addition to tracking software. You may be wondering if anyone could hack my phone by texting me. Thanks to the advances in technology, both iPhone and Android devices are vulnerable to hacking via text message.

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