How To Hack Whatsapp Messages Online Without The Access To Your Phone

How To Hack Whatsapp Messages Online Without The Access To Your Phone

3 Methods to How to Hack WhatsApp messages online

3 Methods to How to Hack WhatsApp messages online
3 Methods to How to Hack WhatsApp messages online

WhatsApp is one the most used instant messaging apps in the world. This app allows users to send text messages for free to their contacts, or family on WhatsApp. WhatsApp platform. You can also send photos documents, videos, photos, etc. using this app. Messages that people send to other users are private between the user and no third person can view those messages. Many people are looking for methods to hack WhatsApp messages. It is possible to do this for a variety of reasons, including the monitoring of employees or children. If you’re one of those individuals, we’ve got a few tricks to hack WhatsApp messages without having access to your phone.

Part 1. How to hack WhatsApp Messages Online No Survey with Access to Phone

Part 2. How to Hack WhatsApp Messages on Android Phone by Rooting It

Part 3. How to Hack WhatsApp Messages on iPhone and Android using MAC Address


Part 1. Hack WhatsApp Messages Online with no Survey, and without access to Your Phone

Part 1. Hack WhatsApp Messages Online with no Survey, and without access to Your Phone
Part 1. Hack WhatsApp Messages Online with no Survey, and without access to Your Phone

Hacking WhatsApp messages is not as simple as you might imagine. Spying and hacking used to be as simple as gaining access to the device to access WhatsApp messages. With the advancement of technology, a variety of new tools are available to hack WhatsApp messages, including FreeMobileTracker.

FreeMobileTracker allows you to keep track of the activities on your Android or iPhone device. FreeMobileTracker allows users to monitor the activities of an individual. It tracks the activities of the victim and transmits the information to the internet. FreeMobileTracker will require you to connect to Internet in order for you hack WhatsApp messages. It does not just allow you to steal WhatsApp messages, but also monitor the phone calls texts, messages, photos and videos, browsing history as well as other social media as well as instant messaging apps.

Why Choose This WhatsApp Messengers Hack App:

You can spy on phone calls as well as text messages of the intended.

– Check out IM and social media messages, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more.

See the target’s online browsing history.

Videos and photos are also viewed.

Download FreeMobileTracker App for Hacking WhatsApp Messages Online at:


How to Hack WhatsApp Messages for Android or iPhone


What is the best way to monitor WhatsApp messages on your mobile without having any target phone? It’s not difficult but let’s take an look at how to achieve this with just a couple of clicks.

Step 1. Create FreeMobileTracker Account

Make an application for an FreeMobileTracker account by visiting the official website of FreeMobileTracker. Create an FreeMobileTracker account and enter your name, date of birth and OS of the target.

Step 2. Step 2.

Next, complete the process of setting up according to the OS on the device you want to use.

Hack WhatsApp messages without access to Phone – You don’t need to install any app on your target iOS device. Simply enter the iCloud ID and password by the device to verify it. After that, you are able to spy on WhatsApp messages without installing any app on the device of the target.

Hack WhatsApp messages online with no survey on Android – Download the FreeMobileTracker application and install it on the target device. Log in to your account and grant all permissions. Click on Monitoring Now.

Step 3. Step 3. Remotely review WhatsApp messages

After you have set the device to be targeted, log on to your FreeMobileTracker dashboard. From the Dashboard it is possible to read WhatsApp messages of the targetphone, so that you can easily monitor WhatsApp messages, even without the phone of the target.

– In iPhone Click on the”WhatsApp” option.

If you are using Android First, click on “Social Apps” and then select WhatsApp.


Part 2. How to hack WhatsApp messages on Android phones, by rooting the phone


The above method for hacking WhatsApp messages with FreeMobileTracker is the best way to hack WhatsApp without access to the device being targeted. But it’s not the sole method. We have shown you how to steal WhatsApp messages using Android through rooting the device. TheTruthSpy mobile spy software allows users to steal WhatsApp messages from anyone using the phone with root access. TheTruthSpy works on devices that have been rooted. However, the messages will not be sent to your non-rooted android device for a period of 3 to 7 days.

Simple Steps to Hack WhatsApp Messages using Rooting Android Phone

Step 1: First download Kingo Root on your Android device, then install it.

Step 2: Open the application, then click on “One Click Root” and the rooting process begins.

Step 3: Once you have been able to root your device and downloaded the “TheTruthSpy” the application, and install it.

Step 4: Launch the app and sign-up for an account. Log in using this account in to link your account to the device.

Step 5: If the device requests superuser authorization for TheTruthSpy, grant it. Now the target device can be tracked, as well as all its actions, such as WhatsApp will be recorded.

Step 6: Log in to your TheTruthSpy dashboard and click WhatsApp to display the WhatsApp messages of the target.


Part 3. Hacking WhatsApp messages on iPhone and Android using MAC Address


The most effective method to hack WhatsApp messages on iPhone and Android is to use the Mac address spoofing technique. Mac Address is a 12-character identifier that is assigned each communication interface. Each device is unique. It can be used to identify every device connected to the network. Hack WhatsApp messages by changing the Mac address of the target iPhone/Android device. It’s also totally free because you hack the target phone or Android device yourself.

Methods to hack WhatsApp messages for Android and iPhone using a Mac Spoof

Step 1: First, gain access to the target device and then take note of the device’s Mac address. To get the Mac address of your target, follow these steps.

iPhone > Settings>> Wi-Fi Address.

Android > Settings > About Phone > > Wi-Fi Mac address

Be sure to get your Mac address for your own device.

Step 2: Remove WhatsApp on your device.

Step 3. Install WifiSpoof and/or MacDaddy X onto your iPhone or BusyBox / Android Emulator and change your Mac address using these applications.

Step 4: Now, install WhatsApp on your phone and enter target’s phone number during the setup process.

Step 5: Use the Verification Code sent to the device you want to use and verify it.

Step 6: Next, change the Mac address back to the original Mac address. You’ll be able send messages, videos and photos from the individual.

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