How to Track a Lost Phone Including Android/iPhone/Windows Phone

How to Track a Lost Phone Including Android/iPhone/Windows Phone

How to locate the lost iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone

How to locate the lost iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone
How to locate the lost iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone

In the current fast-paced world of life, the smartphone is an integral part of our lives. With the variety of patterns, passwords, and passcodes people are keen to ensure their devices are secure. The password feature on phones allows users to secure their device from unauthorized users. What happens when your phone is lost or stolen? You must set up your Android, iPhone, and Windows phone to track the lost or stolen device. You want to learn how to locate a lost phone? This page is the best source to find the perfect solution to your issue. This page will assist you to discover the most effective ways to locate your Android, iOS, and Windows mobile phones.

Part 1. How to locate a lost Android Phone

Part 2. How to track a lost iPhone

Part 3. How to track down a lost Windows Phone

Part 4. What do you do in the event that you lose or have your phone stolen?

Part 1. How to Find a Lost Android Phone

Part 1. How to Find a Lost Android Phone
Part 1. How to Find a Lost Android Phone

FreeMobileTracker is an all-in-one tool that has incredible features, which are not found in other tools. FreeMobileTracker can be used to track Android as well as iOS devices. This makes parenting much simpler. FreeMobileTracker lets you access details like the location as well as text messages and the call history of the targeted device. You can also access videos and images. You can also access the feature for tracking location on Android devices to determine where they are right now. The price of FreeMobileTracker is extremely affordable in terms of price. You can pick from a variety of customizable subscription plans. Do you want to know how to find an Android phone you lost? Check out this post carefully to understand how to track the location of a lost Android phone.

Why Do You Want This All-In-One Tracker for Your Phone?

– Location tracking: If your kids are not telling you where they are, check out this awesome tool. This program will allow you to pinpoint the exact position of the device without needing to know the location of the user.

• Operate in stealth mode: This feature is what makes FreeMobileTracker distinct from other applications. FreeMobileTracker operates silently in background on the target device and record inputs sent to it.

– Monitor texts. The best method to know what your kids, partners or employees are up to. You’ll have access to your device’s messages app and show you sent and received SMS.

FreeMobileTracker offers a Keylogger feature for Android phones. This feature record the inputs to the keyboard on the targeted device. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t accessible on iOS devices.

Easy Ways to track a lost Android Phone

Step 1. Sign up

Visit FreeMobileTracker’s official site using an internet browser. Click the “Sign up” button at the top-right corner. Enter your Email ID and password on the Create FreeMobileTracker Account page and select the “Sign up” button.

Step 2. Step 2.

Now, enter information about the Android device and choose Android operating system.

Gain physical access to the desired Android device. Open and download the FreeMobileTracker APK file. Go to Settings — Security , then click on Unknown Sources.

Start monitoring your devices by installing the FreeMobileTracker App.

Step 3. Step 3.

To open the FreeMobileTracker dashboard online, go to the official FreeMobileTracker website. Click on “Location”, to see the exact location of your target device.

Download FreeMobileTracker for Tracking a Lost iPhone, Android or Windows Phone at:

Not all Android devices have FreeMobileTracker installed.

Part 2. How to track a lost iPhone in real-time

Apple has created Find My iPhone to assist you locate your device’s current place of residence. If your iPhone device has been lost or stolen it is possible to locate My iPhone maybe an easy method of tracking and locating your lost iPhone. There are two options to access the lost iPhone using Find My iPhone. One can use iCloud to locate the device or use an iPhone or iPad device. This is how iCloud helps locate an lost iPhone. Before proceeding with these steps, ensure you have Find My iPhone has been activated in the lost iPhone. This is the best way to locate your lost iPhone.

Follow these simple steps to locate a lost iPhone or iPad

Step 1: To launch iCloud web client, make use of an internet browser.

Step 2: Now you must input the iCloud ID login account details including iCloud ID and password.

Step 3: Once your iCloud account has successfully logged in it is time to click the”Find iPhone” icon.

Step 4: Apple Map appears on the screen. Click the All Devices arrow to choose your lost iPhone.

Step 5: Now you’ll be able to see 3 modes including Play sound, lost mode, and erase.

– Play Sound: When you hit the Play Sound, the device plays a continuous sound with the highest volume. This is useful when your device is in silent or vibrate mode.

Lost Mode: To engage with the lost mode, you must enter your mobile phone number. This number will be displayed on the screen. If someone has found your lost device, your number will be used to call you.

– Erase: If your mobile phone contains sensitive information stored on it that is sensitive, this is your last option. To erase all data on the iPhone’s device that has been lost Click on Erase.

Part 3. How to Find a Lost Windows Phone

Windows Phone comes with Find My Phone capabilities that allow users to locate their Windows Phone. Finding My Phone is the great feature that will keep your phone secure and secure.

Simple Steps to Locate the lost Windows Phone

Step 1: You need to switch on the settings of your Windows phone and go to Privacy section.

Step 2: Tap the number to activate the Find My Phone function.

Step 3: Open a web browser on your computer and type and hit on”Enter” button.

Step 4: Log in to your Microsoft account and then click the “Find My Phone” option under the device choice.

Step 5 The map will be displayed on the screen. It also includes similar options such as Locate Play Sound, and Erase.

Step 6: Press the Locate button to see the location live on your Windows Phone.

Part 4. What to do if you’re smartphone is lost or stolen?

Change Credentials

First, you should change your login credentials, including email, cloud storage services, banking and other. Security experts suggest changing your password as soon as possible to ensure you are protected from the upcoming threats.

Contact Cellular Network Service Provider

The next procedure is to contact your cell network service provider and alter them to inform them that your phone is lost. This will enable the cellular provider to locate your device and block inbound and outgoing services.

Inform your employer

You can notify your employers should you lose your mobile for access to company emails and apps. This will permit the company to protect the confidential information regarding the business. The IT department may remotely delete any company data that is associated with your account.

Contact the Bank

This is the main step you need to take care of if you lose your mobile phone. If a criminal finds the device, they could have access to sensitive information such as credit card information, as well as other information. To secure your debit or credit card, or bank information You can call the branch of your bank.


How can you track the lost smartphone? This article will explain the most efficient methods to locate lost Android, iPhone and Windows phones. This article is a safe bet because every method has been thoroughly tested prior to the time I wrote this article.

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