How to Track Child Location Photos/Calls/Messages/Videos etc

How to Track Child Location Photos/Calls/Messages/Videos etc

5 Apps to Track Child Location Photographs, calls videos, messages, etc.

5 Apps to Track Child Location Photographs, calls videos, messages, etc.
5 Apps to Track Child Location Photographs, calls videos, messages, etc.

Every parent has to ensure the security of their kids. It was difficult to keep tabs on your children’s activities back in the past. But now with the technological advancements, you can easily make use of the track your child application to track real-time location, photos, SMS, web browsing history, social apps data , and other mobile activities. You can track the mobile activities of your children by using parental monitoring appsthat work in stealth mode. There’s no need to be lying and you can check out what your children are up with, what they’re doing and save them in indulging in immoral online activities.

Part 1. How to Track Your Child with the Most Effective App

Part 2. What Information Can You Examine with The Best Child Tracking App (Except for the location)

– Part 3. Additional 4 Apps for Tracking Your Child

Part 1. How to Track Your Child’s Progress with the Best App

Part 1. How to Track Your Child's Progress with the Best App
Part 1. How to Track Your Child’s Progress with the Best App

Parenthood is all about your child’s well-being. You’ll always strive to make them feel happy. Children are nowadays very engaged on social media, which can lead to abuse of children. FreeMobileTracker is the most used tracking app for children, allows you to monitor their activities on mobile phones. This monitoring application for phones will allow you to see phone logs, internet browsing history and current position. It’s compatible with Android phones and you don’t need to root them.

Why should you choose this app to monitor your child’s activity:

– The application has an interface for users that is responsive and is easy to use.

You can track the details of your call log including SMS and call logs, and the social media applications.

– It tracks down the exact GPS whereabouts of your child and provides the history of their location.

Monitor remotely your child’s mobile activity.

It can also help you to view images, media files and then preview them individually.

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Step by Step Guide on How You Can Use This Child Tracking App

Step 1. Sign up on FreeMobileTracker

First, you need to sign up a free account by visiting the official website of FreeMobileTracker. To register properly you’ll need to enter a valid email address and password. In the wizard for setting up you will be able to input information such as name and date of your target. Select Android.

Step 2. Step 2.

Install the FreeMobileTracker app and launch it on the device of your choice Android device. Make sure to activate “Unknown Sources”. Log in to your Fonemonitor official account and give all the permissions.

Select the “Start monitoring” button. The icon of the app will disappear instantly from the app’s listing and this initiates the monitoring tool.

Step 3. Track Your Child

You’ll now have to log into FreeMobileTracker to access the control panel. Choose the option you would like to monitor from the list to the left and click to begin Monitoring. Select the location tab from the list to use location tracker.

FreeMobileTracker can also track the mobile activities of the iOS device. But it will not tell you the real-time location, rather it will display the location history of the device being targeted. You don’t even need to install the app on the target device. It is not necessary to jailbreak your iOS device. All you require is the iCloudID and password.

Part 2. What data are you able to check with the Best Child Tracking app (Except for location)?

FreeMobileTracker is an excellent tracker of your child’s activity application that delivers astonishing results. While it does not tell the GPS location, this app can assist you with the following possibilities:

It lets you quickly read text messages on the target device.

You can read and preview Whatsapp chats and conversations, along with attachments such audio and video pictures and files.

It allows you check the call log history history of your device of choice, which includes contacts, duration, as well as cellular number.

It tracks the browser history of the device you are trying to track. It also gives information such as the URL, time and the number of visits to the site.

Watch the images and videos directly on your device of choice.

Part 3. Other 4 Apps To Monitor Your Child

1. Family Locator – GPS Locator

Family Locator is a powerful tool that tracks your children’s GPS locations. It is the most reliable tracking your child app and it alerts you well if your child is away from the exact location.

Key Features:

GPS tracking is available for exact results.

Track your children’s real-time locations by using this application.

– It allows you to follow more than one individual.


Compatible with Android 4.0.3 or higher

2. My Family GPS Tracker

This application allows you to easily monitor your child’s footprints. It also allows users to chat with their children in times of need.

The Main Features

The device has a friendly interface that can tell you where exactly you have your kids.

– The special Kid Mode will not allow your child to leave the zone.


Compatible with Android 4.0.3 and higher versions

3. Find My Kids GPS Tracker

It is a reliable track your kids app that operates remotely to keep an eye on your children. It will notify you immediately when your children arrive at any specific place.

Key Features:

– Reliable results and easy to make use of

The feature monitors the amount of battery power in the device used by children.

Automatically alerts you about your child’s position.


Compatible with 4.4 and higher versions of Android.

4. ESET Parental Control

This application provides the most advanced results in relation to the live location. It gives you detailed information about the history of your location, the internet history, as well as SMS history.

Here are a few key characteristics

This application will give you a an extensive report on the location history for your child.

– Also, it tells you about the various web activities that your child can engage in.


– Compatible with 4.3 and higher versions of Android.


Parents are worried about their children’s safety and are devoted to them. It can be difficult to stay with your child at all times. There are a variety of apps for tracking your child’s activity which can help you monitor their GPS location in real-time and other cellular activities. Fonemonitor allows you to monitor every mobile activity of your child in contrast to other apps, which only show you the GPS location.


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