How To Track Secretly Text Messages On iPhone

How To Track Secretly Text Messages On iPhone

2 Methods to Track secretly text messages on iPhone

2 Methods to Track secretly text messages on iPhone
2 Methods to Track secretly text messages on iPhone

Sometimes, there have been occasions when people have wanted to know what the other is hiding from them. There are numerous tools online that are created for snooping. They operate in the background of the device and capture every single activity. Perhaps you’ve wondered “how to monitor text messages on iPhone?” Then, this is the perfect place for you.

Part 1: Secretly Tracking text messages from iPhone

Part 2: How to track text messages on the iPhone for Free by using iMessage

Part 1. How to Track Secretly Text messages on iPhone

Part 1. How to Track Secretly Text messages on iPhone
Part 1. How to Track Secretly Text messages on iPhone

FreeMobileTracker is a Web-based mobile phone tracker software can be used with both Android as well as iOS. It can assist your kids to stay safe from online threats by interacting with the tool. It assists in protecting children from unsafe websites being blocked from their web browser. To make use of FreeMobileTracker you just need to register for an account that is free. You can get access to messages, call history and many other features.

FreeMobileTracker can remotely track any iOS device. It’s a great solution for parents who want to see what their children are doing using their smartphones in everyday activities. FreeMobileTracker supports iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7Plus/7/6s, and other iOS devices. Only synchronized data is done only if the iPhone is connected to the network and switched on. If you’re looking for these tools, then you can avail such services from FreeMobileTracker for a reasonable price i.e. it is affordable for all.

Why Should You Use This Software to Track iPhone Text Messages in Secret

FreeMobileTracker can be used to remotely access SMS and iMessages. You can also view attachments like video, images or contact details, in the text messages.

View Phone Contacts: With FreeMobileTracker it is possible to look up contacts on the device you are targeting without their knowledge. The entire list of contacts can be viewed in an organized manner, including number, name address, phone number, etc.

Keep an eye on web browser history: Unlike other tools, the web browser history is easily accessible via FreeMobileTracker. All you need to do is enter the Cloud ID detail of target device and gain access to entire phone.

View photos from the device that you monitor You can access photos taken by the device that you’re monitoring including Screenshots as well as personal photos and photos. FreeMobileTracker allows you to download thumbnails of a photo or a photo that is original.

Notes and memos can be accessed: Most people store important details and passwords in their notes. FreeMobileTracker lets you remotely access notes and memos. All you need to do is to create your own FreeMobileTracker account, and then enter your iCloud details.

Steps to Track Text Messages on iPhone By Using FreeMobileTracker

You are looking for the answer to “how do I track messages from SMS on an iPhone?” Here’s the solution. Follow these steps to monitor text messages on any iOS device.

Step 1. Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to go to the FreeMobileTracker website. To create a free FreeMobileTracker account, click “Sign up”.

Step 2: Fill in details regarding target devices including model numbers and owner name. When the above steps are completed, verify that the target device activates iCloud backup/syncing.

Step 3: Enter the login details of iCloud such as iCloud ID and Password. Then, you can click on “Verify”.

Step 4: Next step is to visit FreeMobileTracker dashboard. Select “Messages” on the left sidebar. This will let you look up every sent and received message that is sent or received from any monitored iPhone.

Download FreeMobileTracker to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone at: how to track sms messages.

Part 2. How to track texts on iPhone using iMessage

IMessages is a great way to monitor messages on an additional iOS device, like the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It’s a built-in feature that lets you observe all incoming and outgoing messages that come from the target device. This is another way to address your query about “how do I monitor text messages on iPhone?” You can follow these simple steps to keep track of messages.

Step 1: You will must open “Settings”, on the device that you wish to target.

Step 2: Next, swipe down and choose”Messages” by tapping it.

Step 3: Click “Send to Receive” to add a third person. This will display the email address that can see iMessages.

Step 4: Once the above process is completed Step 4: Click the Add another email address for a different person button. In this case, we have already added an email address.

Step 5: That’s it You can now access all messages sent and received of the target device.


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