How to Download & Install Free Mobile Tracking App

People often search for methods to track the location of a phone. A lost phone is not a new concept. Many people lose their phones on a daily basis.

In this case, you can use a phone tracking app. There are many tracking apps in the market, but nothing compares to Free Mobile Tracking app.

It is a mobile tracking app which you can use for free. It is very useful in case of lost and missing phones. Apart from that, you can use this app to track the location of your kids.

You can track location as well as other mobile activities. It is a very simple tracking app. You can use it easily without any problems.

Free Mobile Tracking App
Free Mobile Tracking App

Download and Install Free Mobile Tracking App

To use Free Mobile Tracking App, you need to download and install it. It is compulsory for android phones. If you want to track an android phone with this app, you need to download it on the phone. Only then, you will be able to track it.

If you want to track an iPhone with this tracking app, you can use cloud details. It is an alternate option.

The tracking procedure is different for iPhone and Android phones. You need to use the steps as per the type of phone.

Android Phone Tracking

Android Phone Tracking
Android Phone Tracking

In android phone tracking, you have to follow various steps. Each step is important. It is a lengthy procedure compared to iPhone tracking.

  • Get the Phone: This step is common in all types of android tracking. In order to track the phone, you need to acquire the phone. Make sure nobody knows about it. You have to get it secretly.
  • Prepare the Phone: Once you have the phone in your hand, you need to make some changes in it to prepare it for download. You have to go to settings and check in the sources box. After that, you have to go to Google Play Store. Once you reach there, disable play protect and turn off the notification. By making these changes, the app will remain hidden.
  • Download: After you make all the changes, you need to download the tracking app on the phone. Go to Free Mobile Tracking website and use the download link. Once you click on the lick, the app will start downloading on its own. Wait for the download to complete.
  • Install: After the file is on the phone, you have to install it. Open the file and install it. You need to give permissions to the app to install.
  • Sign up: This step is very important. You have to open the app on the phone. After that, you have to register in the app to create your account. It will help you to log in and spy. After the process is complete, sign in and close the app.
  • Delete: This step helps you to keep the app a secret. Delete the search history and hide the icon of the tracking app.
  • Login: After everything is done, you can directly login and start tracking all the activities on the phone.

iPhone Tracking

iPhone Tracking
iPhone Tracking

If you want to track the iPhone with the tracking app, you don’t have to follow the complex process. There are very few steps in this method.

  • Sign up: First, you have to sign up from the Free Mobile Tracking website. Go to the web and sign up to create your account.
  • Setup: In the setup step, you have to go to the cloud panel option. In the panel, you need to enter the cloud credentials. It will connect the app with the phone.
  • Login: The last step is to log in and track all the activities of the iPhone.