Three Ways To Locate Someone's Location On iPhone

Three Ways To Locate Someone’s Location On iPhone

3 Ways to View Someone’s location on the iPhone

3 Ways to View Someone's location on the iPhone
3 Ways to View Someone’s location on the iPhone

There are occasions when you’ll need to monitor someone’s location using their phone. Maybe you want to find out where your child is or track the location of your spouse, or even spy on your partner and girlfriend. In this fast computerized era, tracking someone’s mobile phone is a breeze. It is not necessary to be a hacker if you want to see the iPhone location. Are you looking for the most effective solution to the issue of how to find someone’s position on iPhone? On the web, you can find a variety of fantastic solutions for tracking phones that allow you to easily track the location.

Part 1. How to locate someone on iPhone using iMessage

Part 2. iOS Family Sharing – How to view the Location of Someone’s iPhone

– Part 3. How to locate someone’s location On iPhone by using “Find My Friends”.

– Part 4. How to See Location History on iPhone

Part 5. [Tips] How to Set Notifications when a person leaves or arrives at a location

– Part 6. How to stop yourself from Being a Location

– Part 7. Recommend the Top iPhone and Android Phone Data Tracker

Part 1. How to see someone’s location on iPhone in iMessage

Part 1. How to see someone's location on iPhone in iMessage
Part 1. How to see someone’s location on iPhone in iMessage

IMessage, a free messaging service provided by Apple is accessible across all iPads, iPhones, and Macs. With this service one can iDevice user is able to send pictures, text messages, videos, etc. Another iDevice user. One of the most important features of this application is the possibility of communicating via iMessages even when you don’t have an any active SMS plan. Moreover, iMessages allows you to track any other iPhone or iPad user at any moment.

Simple Steps to Verify Someone’s Whereabouts on iPhone within iMessage

Step 1: You need to physically access the target device to open the Messages app . You can do this by tapping on the icon.

Step 2: Then, tap on the conversation. It is possible to share the conversation to friends as well as with group on iMessages.

Step 3: Now click on the “I” (Information), button located in the upper right-hand corner of Messages’ interface.

Step 4: The Details interface will show up, tap on the”Share My Location” option and choose the time period. If you wish to keep track of your child, then you are able to choose”Share indefinitely” button.

Step 5: Now, switch to your iPhone and open Find My Friend. This allows you to see where your child is located at this moment.

Part 2. iOS Family Sharing: How can you view someone’s location on iPhone

IOS Family Sharing is just one of the many new features included in iOS 8 and later versions. Family sharing is a fantastic function that allows you to connect your family member with each other. iOS Family Sharing makes it easy to share videos and photos as well as contacts, call logs messages, locations, and even messages. Yes, you read that right. Location sharing can be done with the iOS Family Sharing. What is the best way to view the location of someone on your iPhone with Family Sharing on iOS? Follow the steps below to learn how.

Simple Steps to See the most current location on the iPhone with iOS Family Sharing

First of all, one has to establish the sharing for family members under Settings section of iCloud. Send the invitations to everyone in the family.

Step 2. Open “Settings” on the other iPhone device. Click on the “iCloud” icon and swipe up to scroll downward.

Step 3: Tap “Share My Location” in the “Advanced” settings. This will share the location details of the iPhone device with the entire family who are involved in the sharing of the family.

Step 4: You’ll be able see the exact location of your device using as well as using Find My Friends.

Part 3.

Apple invented Find My Friends, a tracking service that tracks your location for iPhones and iPads. When using this app, iOS user can share their location with their family and friend. This app’s functionality is nearly same as Find My iPhone but, it’s sole purpose is to find another individual. The app is free on iOS 8 and above devices. Find My Friends enables you to track the exact location of your iPhone’s most recent locations. Follow the guide below.

Simple steps to find someone’s location in the App Store on iPhone Using”Find My Friends”

Step 1 Start by opening the App Store on your target device and download Find My Friends application.

Step 2: Once you’ve completed the download and installation, click on “Me” at the bottom of the screen. You can toggle the “Share My Location” option.

Step 3: Tap on the”Add Friends” button and select your contact using the Apple Email ID or directly tap the contact.

Step 4: Tap the”Send” button found in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 5: You will have to select the option to set the time. To track the location the target person until they stop sharing, we choose “Share Indefinitely”.

Step 6: Next, go to your personal iPhone device and agree to the Find My Friends permission by pressing the”Accept”. Now, tap on the”Don’t share” option to make the target individual isn’t able to monitor your iPhone position.

So, these are steps in the direction of how you can view the most recent location on iPhone using”Find My Friends”. This article will provide more details about iPhone hacking to locate.

Part 4. How do you view your iPhone’s location History

The search for the location history of your iPhone or iPad is easy. Apple makes it simple to check your location history with an official method. Apple stores your location history on their servers and monitors it each time you access them. If you want to track the location history of iPhone then, you can follow these steps.

It’s easy to see your location history on the iPhone

Step 1. Tap on the “Settings” icon. Scroll down to Privacy and select it from the choices.

Step 2. A privacy interface will appear. Tap on the “Location Services” button. To access the services for location, you will need to select the “System Services” button. The system services page will appear. Click on the “Frequent Locations” button.

Step 3: Then step is to scroll down and you will find History Location.

Step 4: Tap on the”Area” to display the complete timeline of that specific day or hour.

Part 5.

Want to be notified in the event that someone leaves the specified location? Apps like Find My Friends make it possible. With Find My Friends, one is able to locate the target device, without the user even knowing. Find My Friends allows the user to be notified every time someone arrives at the targeted location.

Open the Find My Friends app on your targeted iPhone device. After that, you’ll need to complete the fourth step.

Then, click on the “Ask to Follow” button. After you’ve received your request, others will be able to accept it.

– Go to the Notify tab and choose The next time To: When the person leaves or arrives.

Set the boundary or a specific point, then click on the”Done” button. If you want to manually define the address, you can also make it manually.

– You will get an alert when the person departs or arrives at the exact place.

Part 6. How to stop your own location

Are you not comfortable in sharing your address with others? It’s not like you’re the only person wanting to stop their location from tracking. Follow the steps below to stop your location being monitored.

Step 1: Open the Settings of your iPhone device by tapping on icon Settings that is found at the top of the springboard.

Step 2: Then, tap on “Privacy” and then click on “Location Services”.

Step 3: Tap the System Services button in the lower right.

Step 4: Press the “Significant position” toggle to turn off the position. You can verify your identity using a a valid fingerprint, passcode or facial information.

Part 7. Recommendations for the Best iPhone and Android Data Tracker

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Many iOS users want to know how to see someone’s location in real time using an iPhone. Hopefully, now you are aware of how to see the location of someone’s iPhone location. Millions of iOS users have tested the techniques described in this article. FreeMobileTracker is an excellent tool for monitoring your targeted device. This data tracker tool is perfect for iPhone and Android devices.


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